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COVID Update

Our gift shops are now open!
Barbados also continues to be open to visitors. See travel guidelines at visitbarbados.org

In the USA? You can shop for Sue Trew's magical series of children's books and toys at TurtleTracksFamily.com!

Our Story

My parents, Jimmy and Jill Walker, opened their first shop in 1975 at the Sandpiper Inn in Holetown. In Barbados, at that time, local handicraft was very limited and unemployment high, so our shop encouraged local craft by selling only things made in Barbados.

As a young girl, I still remember my Mum going upstairs to her art studio in the morning as we left for school and reappearing as we returned home in the afternoon, excitedly telling us all about her new ideas and pictures.

Our first shop did so well and Mum’s products and designs were very well received. I still recall helping with the packing on the dining room table and with the shop window displays on the weekends.

In the early 1980’s my sisters Charlotte and Sarah became involved with our growing number of shops - and our screen printing and picture framing studios opened.

In the late 1980s, I married Chris - and after a year travelling the world - and ready for new challenges, we returned to Barbados and a new way of life. And here we are, over 30 years later, still enjoying our ever changing life that is the Best of Barbados story…

You too can be part of our story and bring the sunshine of Barbados to your home, family and friends.

Visit our Shop page and delight in the fabulous designs from three generations of our family –
my Mum, my daughter Holly and myself – plus an exciting selection from our talented local suppliers.

Sue Trew