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COVID Update

Our gift shops are now open!
Barbados also continues to be open to visitors. See travel guidelines at visitbarbados.org

In the USA? You can shop for Sue Trew's magical series of children's books and toys at TurtleTracksFamily.com!


So go ahead, fill your home with it! Cover your walls, brighten your table, spice up your food – whatever you choose, it can only add to what is your Best of Barbados experience.

Hurrah! It might be grey and raining outside but inside you’re warm and sunny - glowing with ‘Bajan sunshine’ – the coffee mug in your hands, the t-shirt on your back, the mats on your table, the dinner in your oven, the music in your ears – it’s official – you’re addicted to Barbados!

And that’s OK, I am too – and our Best of Barbados family will continue to paint and craft new and exciting art and giftware for you and your home.

If you’re ordering for the first time on this website, welcome! Thanks for joining our Best of Barbados family.

For confirmed Best of Barbados lovers in need of a top up, welcome back!

My thanks for ‘sunshine shopping’ with us!

Sue Trew

P.S. And for all the kids out there, join my Turtle Tracks Family! It's a series of fact-filled books I've written and illustrated that come with plush character collectibles, so kids learn while having fun!

A selection of Best of Barbados products

Turtle Tracks collection

A selection of Best of Barbados products!